All Fortnite players have their own little quirks about the way

All Fortnite players have their own little quirks about the way they play the game. Some might say that they prefer to use a lightweight mouse while a few use a controller for better fortnite v bucks generator aiming. These methods are what make each gameplay unique in the community.

While there are numerous reasons for a player to use certain types of hardware or monitors to enhance their gameplay experience, there’s one thing that remains the same, especially with PC players. And that is their method of playing while tilting their keyboard.

Keyboard tilts have been used in the esports community since a long time by players who aim to play more competitively than others and don’t want certain physical factors to fortnite v bucks generator hinder their gameplay. However, Fortnite fans do so more than any other gamer of different titles.

Pros like Bugha, Clix, BenjyFishy, and more tilt their keyboards and play the game while showing hand movement with the mouse and keyboard on the stream. Hence, if you’re wondering why they do this, here are a few logical reasons behind the same and how it adds to your advantage in playing Fortnite.

Exploring the advantages of Fortnite players tilting their keyboards

Most Fortnite players in the community tilt their keyboards to play at an advantage. While this may seem odd to the casual gamers who don’t grind hard to crank super fast 90s, it gives the pros an advantage in winning lucrative tournaments.

This is a debate that has been going on ever since the Fortnite World Cup in 2019, where the world saw several teenagers tilt their keyboards across several orientations. It is going fortnite v bucks generator strong since newer players are getting the hang of the technique. The three most common orientations that Fortnite players use their keyboards in are:

  1. The Straight Edge – The keyboard is fully horizontal to your desk at 180 degree placement.
  2. The Forty Five – It is tilted at a 45 degree angle on your desk towards the right side.
  3. The Full Tilt – The keyboard is tilted at a 90 degree angle on your desk towards the right side.

These placement styles are most commonly used by the community while they grind to claim the Victory Royale. While these orientations sound quite odd to casual players who do not tilt their keyboards, here are a few advantages on why Fortnite pros do the same.

1) More desk space

Tilting the keyboard saves desk space (Image via YouTube/theScoreesports)
Tilting the keyboard saves desk space (Image via YouTube/theScoreesports)

Fortnite pro Tfue took to his stream back in 2019 to show his viewers why he tilts his keyboard to play the game. One of the main reasons that is still crucial is to save desk space and for your mouse to move easily around the mat.

Gamers often face the issue of banging their mice on their keyboards as they move it quickly and more dynamically than casual players. Fortnite is a game of quick build and movement, which sometimes requires them to move their mouse all over the table in quick motion.

To avoid banging their mouse and make space for it on the desk mat, they tilt their keyboard on the left side and use the extra space on the right to move around more easily. Moreover, some players use a 60% keyboard which does not comprise of a numpad, just to save desk space in their gameplay.